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Int/Adv Contemporary Modern Release Technique

Influenced by techniques of traditional and contemporary modern dance, this class offers a wide range of movement and training. Focus is placed on the weight of the body, legs, pelvis, spine, and floor to tap into the skeleton and soften the muscles to create a sense of release in motion. Technique and choreography are incorporated into the phrase work. Articulation of the spine, joints, and limbs helps students learn to efficiently direct their energy. Falling, gestures, focus, stretch, and strength are incorporated into a high energy, fun-filled class leaving all levels of dancer fulfilled. 


Contemporary Basics

Learn the fundamentals of modern contemporary dance in contemporary basics. You will learn body placement, the positions of the spine, legs, feet, arms, and how to properly articulate and use the feet to get you into jumps and to safely navigate thru space. Also learned will be spirals, swings, curves, falls, across the floor patterns, and center combinations that incorporate all of these elements. Stretch and strength are also a part of the class. Building a strong, properly placed foundation can help you move thru other levels and movement styles with more ease. Emphasis is placed on how to properly use the body in a way that will prevent injury and keep you dancing and moving for years to come. 


Ballet Basics

Learn the fundamentals of ballet in ballet basics. No previous ballet or dance training is required. You will learn the basic ballet positions of the feet, legs, arms, head, and body. Emphasis is placed on anatomical correctness, development of the muscles to support the skeleton, and alignment to protect the joints from injury. The elements of musicality, articulation, grace, balance, and strength are incorporated to help build a strong foundation with which one could further their training or simply give the dancer a new appreciation of the art of ballet and the body in motion.

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